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  1. User acknowledges that all information he provides during the registration process on (www.iFindStore.Com) is correct and belongs to him, and otherwise he assumes all legal responsibilities.
  2. ifindstore Company strives as far as possible to protect all data provided by users, and ifindstore Company disclaims liability in case of facing any unforeseen circumstances, which may cause www.iFindStore.Com website outage, and you agree not to channel any liability or claim any compensation from ifindstore Company in the event that the website mentioned above has encountered any problem, malfunction or outage or in case of any loss occurs while using (www.iFindStore.Com) website.
  3. www.iFindStore.Com may store the personal data provided by user, in order to facilitate the purchase process, such as (phone number - address - name - email etc.)
  4. ifindstore Co. or the (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support team has the right to change, modify or delete any information related to your membership/account on (www.iFindStore.Com), without referring to the member.
  5. ifindstore Co. and the (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support team will only share your data with the second party (seller) to secure and track the purchase process by the user (the buyer), or with the transportation means (third party) to provide delivery service.
  6. You agree to record the incoming (calls - conversations) to (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support or to ifindstore Co., and outgoing (calls - conversations) by (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support for verifying the content and for quality control.
  7. (www.iFindStore.Com) uses cookies and may use other modern techniques to keep up with the technology and development, knowing that cookies allow you to remember your own data, track activity and evaluate trends when using our above mentioned website.
  8. ifindstore or the (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support team will never request your bank PIN number, bank card number or bank account number through any of the following communication (e-mail, text message, Whatsapp message, phone call, Whatsapp call or any other call or means of communication). We are disclaiming our responsibility for any damage results from such acts.
  9. In case you order a product or any goods through (www.iFindStore.Com), please be aware that (the seller) solely bears all legal responsibilities for any fraud, or deception in the sale process, knowing that ifindstore and (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support team will make the reasonable efforts to protect you against fraud, or deception.
  10. The return or replace policy is determined by the second party (seller) and ifindstore company is not responsible for this policy, and you agree not to channel any liability or claim any compensation from ifindstore Company in case you encounter any problem related the policy of return or replace products or goods, purchased through www.iFindStore.Com.
  11. The user (buyer) has the right to cancel the order if order status is (pending processing) before the order is confirmed, but if the order is already confirmed, the buyer shall pay the delivery charges shown during the payment process, knowing that if the order cancellation is approved and the payment was done through (Knet) through www.iFindStore.Com, the refund is made within a maximum of 7 business days, taking into account the possibility of this term extension in case of any circumstances that the banks may encounter such as technical malfunctions or failures, official holidays or any other circumstances that may delay the refund of the amount to the user (buyer). We are also informing the user that the delivery charges will be deducted from the refund amount if the order status is confirmed or completed.
  12. There may be some mistakes in the price or the data of the displayed product or goods, or the available quantity. Therefore, ifindstore Co. or (www.iFindStore.Com) technical support team have the sole eligibility to cancel the order if there are any mistakes in the data of the purchased product or goods. In this case, the entire amount paid by the user will be refunded and you agree not to claim any compensation or to channel any legal liability against the Company in case you face any technical or software errors or any loss while using (www.iFindStore.Com) website.
  13. (www.iFindStore.Com) website Privacy Policy, terms and conditions may change at any time, and the change shall be in force as soon as it is posted on (www.iFindStore.Com).
  14. ifindstore Co. will take all reasonable precautions to maintain your order and secure your payment and the company is not liable for any losses resulting from unauthorized access to the data you provided. If you are using (www.iFindStore.Com), you are responsible for the confidentiality of your membership / account and your password and you are responsible to restrict access to your computer and you agree to take responsibility for all activities that occur in your account without claiming any liability or compensation from ifindstore Co.
  15. Any dispute between user and ifindstore Co. shall fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of Kuwait courts.
    16. All products displayed on (www.iFindStore.Com) are quoted/rated in Kuwaiti Dinars.
  16. The risk of loss or damage and the ownership of the products you ordered on www.iFindStore.Com will be transferred to you as soon as you receive the products at the address indicated on your order or on the date of the first delivery scheduled by delivery companies/delivery agent, provided that we have received the complete payment of the products.
  17. The Seller assumes full legal responsibility for all products displayed and sold to the User on all pages at www.iFindStore.Com and that the User agrees not to claim any compensation or channel any legal liability against ifindstore Co. for any problem you encounter with the (seller).
  18. ifindstore company does not warrant that www.iFindStore.Com or any of the services available through it will work without interruption or without errors, there may be delay, deletion, interruption and / or inaccuracy in the material or services available through www.iFindStore.Com
  19. ifindstore does not warrant any accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability or non-infringement of any content on www.iFindStore.Com or the services available through it.
  20. You agree that ifindstore has the sole discretion to terminate your membership/account at www.iFindStore.Com or modify it without referring to you.
  21. By using www.iFindStore.Com you agree to be contacted by phone, by private messages or social media applications at any time by ifindstore Company or by www.iFindStore.Com technical support, to track orders or to verify the safety of the products or goods you have purchased or to check if there is any complaint or problem with the seller or the order or for promotional use (advertising).