Anker USB C Charger 726 Charger (Nano II 65W) PPS Fast Charger


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  • The Only Charger You Need: Say goodbye to your old power bricks. Anker 726 Charger (Nano II 65W) has the power you need to fast charge your phone, tablet, and USB-C notebook from a single charger. 
  • High-Speed Charging: Connect a single device to get a 65W max charge—that’s enough to power up a 2020 MacBook Pro 13″ at full speed. And when you connect two devices, power will be distributed efficiently between both ports to ensure you get the best charge. 
  • Downsized Design: At 49% smaller than an original 61W USB-C charger, Anker Nano II 2-Port 65W takes up less space while giving you even more power. 
  • Powered by GaN II Technology: With a 100% increase in operating frequency, an innovative stacked design, and an upgraded circuit board structure, GaN II technology makes our latest charger smaller without sacrificing a drop of power.

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